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MoonOverUs offers a captivating journey into lunar observation and cultural significance, engaging participants through the combined power of naked-eye and smartphones. Commencing with an overview of lunar phases, attendees will get hands-on exploration, learning to appreciate various lunar features using their unaided vision, later moving to the art of capturing lunar imagery using smartphones, testing framing and exposure settings. This activity synergistically sharpens photography skills, harmonises science & art. Participants engage in group discussions, using Padlets, delving into the diverse worldwide cultural interpretations of Moon. Students uncover how cultures such as Indian, Chinese, US etc. have woven the Moon into their traditions, folklore, and religious practices. This fosters cross-cultural appreciation. Participants may utilise robotic telescopes (MicroObservatory/LCO-KIOSK) to capture Moon. This hands-on approach nurtures affinity for astronomy, refines technical photography skills. This program promises a holistic understanding of the Moon, uniting science, art, and cultural insights in a dynamic educational experience.

This is an overview of the what Educational Continuum Organization @ iSTEAM Cosmic Academy offers for the astro enthusiasts esp. young students.

  • Principal Investigators: Bonnie B. Thurber, Amritanshu Vajpayee
  • Co-Investigators: SN Sugumar, Chitra Singh
  • Mentors: Dr. Suresh Iyer, Suresh Meduru

Moon Over Us Ages 13-16